Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh, Moon! and a Duck

No, I just can't seem to stop with the moon pictures. Lake Shawnee as usual; She peeked through the trees, then rose in majesty over the lake.

This duck was patrolling the shoreline while waiting with us for the Moon.

He was a bit sassy.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Farmers Market, Finally!

After The Winter That Would Not End, I finally made it to the opening day of Topeka Farmer's Market. I have many more pictures than I should post I'll try to spare you. Maybe...

There wasn't much fresh produce yet, but plenty of plants, crafts, jewelry, edibles, sun and wind. Enjoy, I know I did!

I do have contact info for a lot of the sellers if you're interested.

Country Greehouse, Holton, KS

David's Herbs, Perry

The bright green ones are jalapeno jelly...I bought purple basil and sand plum. Yum!

Rees Fruit Farms

Fruits of harvest past...

Intarsia Wood Working, Skip Hull, Overbrook

Ebb & Flow Arts, Jewelry

(Oooh, pretty, shiny things!)

Hook and Needle, Gail Sloyer

(I found a fellow Hawks fan!)

Quilts With Love, Sylvia Levings

Sylvia says this Little Bo Peep is one of her most popular designs.

Craftswoman Designs, Laurie A. Hertel

Country Creek Honey, Steve & Becky Tipton, Meriden, KS

These last from Bobalu's Gourd Creations, Lu Harris and Rob Benge.

Wish I had bought Grandmother Doll.