Friday, September 25, 2009

Nice Sky, 092309

Cheryl Unruh of Flyover People told me to "look up" one recent evening, so the next afternoon I carried my camera around, and I did look up to find this fine-looking sky. I like the subtle colors.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Today's Cuteness

Was out at Rees Fruit Farms store buying peaches on our way to supper with our sister in Lawrence when we saw this cutie hanging out in the flower planter. Don't know her or his name, but s/he made a good picture! And I love the sign.

OK, technically Rees Fruit Farms isn't exactly IN Topeka, but it's darn close, OK?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

More balloons (see previous post)

Fire in the hole!

Beautiful Balloons (read them backwards)

I got out to Lake Shawnee yesterday and was able to get some pictures of the evening balloon launch for the Huff 'n PuffBalloon Rally, put on by the Great Plains Balloon Club. We staked out a spot across the north end of the lake from the launch area, and had balloons headed right towards us most of the time.

We thought about going to the illuminations, where they inflate the ballons after dark and keep them tethered and lit with the flame. However, when we checked it out, it was terribly crowded and we just didn't feel like doing that. Maybe next year. I'd also like to get some pictures of the inflating, etc. of the balloons.

Thanks to my guy Richard, the other part of this "we," for his frequent help in my photo jaunts. He's my bodyguard, chair toter, equipment manager, and so many other things. Thanks!