Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Today, rain.

Finally, a little rain. Even though there's a prediction for some amount of snow later in the evening, I will take any water the skies want to give in any form possible.

Water on the sidewalk is good.

Water on the sage is also good, and pretty.

Water is welcome!

Kaw River State Park, The Low Time

The Kaw River is a much different river right now than it was in June when I last posted pictures from the Kaw River State Park. It's very low, and there are huge sandbars that were not at all visible in June.

I could walk down the boat ramp quite a ways for some downriver views.

And some views across the river, with the wide sandy banks showing.

The trail back into the woods was full of bright colors in the afternoon sun.

These bushes, some about 15 feet high, lined the trail as far back as I could see. There were robins very interested in them, who I don't think appreciated my presence. These are just lovely, the bright red berries and the glowing green foliage. However, I have discovered that these may be the very invasive amur honeysuckle, which is not a good thing to have there.

There were lots of amazing trees sporting amazing colors, too.

Most amazing sight of the day, perhaps, is this view of the valley taken from the top of the hill on the road down to the river, a 15% grade that has to be closed in the winter whenever it's slick. Thanks to Richard Mote for stopping on the road so I could hop out and take this picture.

And just one more, along the less steep part of the road. There are trails leading off all over the place. Someday if I feel up to it, there are places I would like to explore along them.

It was a wonderful afternoon, and a well-timed visit. Today it rained.