Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Recycling is pretty

A bright happy little recycling bin...10th & Macvicar.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Goose Family Picnic

This goose family was out at the pond at 6th & Gage enjoying a May afternoon, so I stopped to say hello. There were four adult geese and eight goslings altogether.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Echoes in a pond, Gage Park

There might have been a frog...or the photographer might have thrown a pebble in...

I love the little train!

When I moved to Topeka in 1974 I was already an adult, though arguably not a grown-up. I discovered this little train in Gage Park and very much wanted to ride it, but I felt silly getting on it with all the children and their grownups.

So after a friend had a baby and he grew up enough to ride the train, I used to "borrow" him and we'd go to the park and both happily ride. I liked the scenery going by; he was more taken with the train whistle and the engineer.

The train was refurbished sometime in the last few years, and it's looking pretty spiffy now!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

If you are interested...

I think there are a couple of ways you can post pictures here.

If you are on blogspot already, I believe I can allow you to author posts here.

If you aren't, you can email me pictures for consideration at k.l.holmes13@gmail.com

I'm ready!


While you're waiting, try picturing Topeka...not just the Capitol building, or the Governor's mansion, or the old Topeka State Hospital grounds, but the ordinary daily life of, well, us.

I will soon have this in working order, so get your pictures ready to post! All sorts of pictures are welcome, but I don't really want porn here. There are plenty of other places for that.

Let's have your best Topeka pictures. Not just pretty flowers and cute kids, but whatever you see when you look around your life.

The author of this blog, me, will make all decisions regarding what will be posted and retained here, and all such decisions are final. Play nicely. Thanks.