Thursday, October 20, 2011


OK, yes, I will on occasion post insufferably cute dog pictures, like these.

We could be excused because she really did need a sweater for the chill that is now creeping into the air. Chihuahuas are from much warmer climes, and don't carry a big load of fur to keep them warm. She resisted at first, but once it was on she cavorted around the yard with no problem, and even liked wearing it in the house while napping on the couch.

Happy Howl-O-Ween!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Heron Hunter Moon

Out at Lake Shawnee the past couple of nights, I was graced with the gorgeous face of the Moon.

Above images from October 11. Hunter's Moon, so called, some believe, because the falling of the leaves and the clearing of crops from the fields made it easier to track creatures under the bright Moon's light. Also, the cooler weather is better for butchering and preserving meat. Stock up the larder, Winter is coming.

The next night, we went back out hoping for a sight of the Moon and Jupiter. We did see those, but we were also granted the presence of a heron perching on a snag in the middle of this part of the lake, under the light of the Hunter's Moon.

The heron arrived before we could see the Moon, and then, she appeared:

The heron stayed, as far as I know, the entire time we were there under the Hunter's Moon.

The Moon alone, never as interesting to me as when She plays with trees and clouds and the lake, but this was the gorgeous color of her face when she rose out of the clouds.

There was a very strong moon path this night. At times the waves on the lake made it appear like a series of Moons rippling through part of the water.

As far as the Moon and Jupiter, it was indeed a wonderful sight, but my photographic capabilities could not do it justice. Imagine the Moon above in the image below, and reflected on the rippling lake, add the conversation of the geese and the patient heron still sitting, and you will come closer to the wonder of it all.

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Little Balm

My friend Sandra, whose blog I follow, gave me a little lemon balm plant.

I took the plant stake out of the Monarda, which no longer needs it as a "don't mow over me" protector. The stake is about 20" high, so we'll see what kind of progress the lemon balm makes come Spring. That is, if it survives the winter. I have every reason to believe it will; the mint family is tough.

Anti-KXL Pipeline

There was a demonstration on September 26, against the Keystone pipeline project.

Interestingly, also attended by these folks below, who said they were union people.

They put their signs back in this vehicle,

And I'm betting eventually got back on this bus. I asked one of them, "Do you live in Kansas?" and he said, hesitatingly, "No, I live in Arkansas." Hmm.

Ah, well. As far as I know, all the pipeline opponents there were from Kansas.

Infamous Ice Cream

We found this late one night at the Dillon's at Fleming Place. Actually, it was pretty good. Lots of rum flavor.

Why, there was a Moon out there

Now that it's Full Moon time again already, I get around to posting last month's Full Moon. So, the Full Moon of September, at Lake Shawnee. Enjoy, I always do.

Moon in the water.

There was a lot of some kind of "stuff" in the water that added an interesting texture to the moon path.

Tardy Updates

Mitzi was sleeping on the couch (until I approached with the camera, of course) and Cricket got up behind her and laid down. They normally don't share their space this closely.

August 19, we had a nice storm, great storm! the night before. The downside is that what I thought I heard hitting the house were branches from the big maple on the NW corner. The tree seems basically OK. All over Topeka there were trees down, power outages, etc. And we got to enjoy some of that, too. Our power was out for 36 hours which seemed very long, especially at night. No electric lighting to see by, no air conditioning to sleep by.

The second day after the big storm, when we were still without power, we had the Parks Family Reunion here in Topeka, August 20th. Thankfully it was not at our house, and the shelterhouses at Lake Shawnee still had power. It was great. I am related to most all of these folks, and more. Whew.

More in the next post, still catching up.