Monday, April 30, 2012

It's About Rights, Folks

Some pictures from the Unite Against the War on Women Rally at the Kansas Statehouse on April 28, 2012. Presented without additional comment, as these signs are their own commentary on the ravages against women's rights being committed all over the country.

Iris (and other) energy

This is one of the old iris out back whose name I do not have; it's delightful to look at. A different kind of energy at the ready on the grounds of the old Topeka State Hospital, which now belongs to USD 501 Topeka.
This medium-sized wind turbine will generate some electricity for the Kanza Education and Science Park, and is a project of same.
Meanwhile, in other old parts of the hospital grounds, things continue to fall to ruin.
Such is life, and the changing thereof.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sun, Sun, Sun (Moon)

New windsock on the porch, just colors and sun. Lots of sun.
The Moon and Venus carry on their antics in the clouds. It was a challenge to have them both show up in the picture, as the clouds would alternately take out one and then the other.
Always a good subject, isn't She? Then, Sun! April 25, the high was 97 F in Topeka.
That is a record high for the date, and heat we don't usually see until July or August. Ugh. So, back to the cool Moon, and Venus, with the clock tower in Fleming Place.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

So It Grows

The lemon balm as it was when I got it in September last year, and the way it is now. Well.
I think it's going to make it, and I think before too much longer I'll have me a cup or two of lemon balm iced tea, something I find exquisite.
Meanwhile, the sage continues to be sassy. Partially in bloom in this picture from April 17. The butterflies have found it; more on that later! Rich and I drove through Gage Park the Sunday after all those Saturday storms, and the park was chock full of people.
A different picture of this little train is one of the first I put on this very blog. I still love it, and one of these days I'll have to hop back on for a ride. Camera in hand, of course.
Another sign that we are Springing into Summer--an ice cream truck cruises Gage Park on a sunny Sunday afternoon.
Rich and I went to The Burger Stand at College Hill and I had this luscious Salmon Burger. We like this place and hope it sticks around. One of my recent favorite local restaurants, Toucan Express, which had Brazilian food, recently closed. I did my best, but it wasn't enough. I'll miss them; the owner's husband is a former co-worker, and they are good people. Continuing with the mish-mash of photo ops...
Sage bloom up close from the top. Oh, and--
Meet Ms. Vanessa. An American Painted Lady, Vanessa virginiensis, who I'm happy to report likes the sage blossoms as much as I do. Possibly more. I'm glad she found it, and stopped for just a second for a portrait. And not to be left out, that lemon balm again.
Ahh, April.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Awesome April

April is awesome and I am far behind on posting, as I am on almost everything else. Retirement is sometimes too restful. Too tempting to just sit and read, or play on the computer, or any number of other things. But April calls me out.
First iris, the early ones out back, on April 8th. The iris and the rose were my mother's favorite flowers. My grandmother loved them, too. I always think of them when the iris come.
Wood Sorrel is very prolific in the yard this year. One of the edibles around that one of these days I will eat while I root out the evil honeysuckle.
Hanging at the Blackbird, for coffee, company and computing. Still one of my favorite places. I guess I'm a regular there now.
The early afternoon of April 14, the Saturday when over 100 tornadoes would hit Kansas before the next morning, and one would take 5 lives in Woodward, Oklahoma. The sky is most unsettled, and we were already watching and waiting.
Despite the appearance of this sky, the storm systems that raked Kansas with giant claws gave Topeka and Lawrence nothing but fairly ordinary spring thunderstorms, and lots of wind. But not the curly kind. We were spared being twisted around, this time. More spring to come, for sure.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Maple Madness

The maple on the corner is so very prolific with its seeds!

Every time the breeze stirs, another handful helicopter down to the sidewalk, the yard, the street, wherever they want to go. If this tree had its way, we'd be living in a maple forest.

Remember how much fun these were to play with? Psst--a little secret--they still are.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cool, Wet, Green

Everything is green now. So green! Sometimes I look out and the green is glowing even when the sun is not shining on it. Like today.

The dandelions have a dandy life. Blowing in the wind.

Monarda marching toward greatness.

Silly sage, ready to bloom already? You'll make the bees very happy.

Even the evil invader honeysuckle looked pretty today with raindrops.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Tulip Time

It's Tulip Time at the Ted Ensley Gardens out at Lake Shawnee. This wonderful area is so full of color that I'm nearly out of words trying to describe it. So just look, if you will. Go soon if you are going, this unseasonably hot weather not only brought us these blooms early, it will blow and fade them quickly too.

It was wonderful to see and realize all the work that has been put into this area. What a Topeka treasure!