Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Happy

The crocus have increased. This and several other clumps surround the area where the birdbath goes. I defy you not to smile.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Moon and Company

This has been a very good year so far for seeing the Moon in the company of planets. Last night it was Jupiter and Venus. Not the best pictures, perhaps, but here they are anyway.

From the upper left, Jupiter, Moon, Venus. Very bright; in fact, these were taken from a parking lot at the edge of Gage Park, right in the middle of the city.

The Moon and Venus.

Then, just the Moon. Just the Moon? Never "just" the Moon. The always beautiful Moon.

Friday, February 24, 2012


I have just an assortment of pictures from the past few days, reflecting various things in my world, so I'll just throw them on down here.

Wednesday, it was a lovely, stunning, beautiful day! The sky wrote music for the trees to sing.

Then Rich and I went to Washburn University to hear our friend, poet and professor Joe Harrington, read from his book Things Come On.

I would like to say we then went and laid down in the park, but that's not what happened. We went to The Gatekeeper, so Rich could buy comics, which he collects. It's a really neat store if you are into comics, fantasy, or gaming. It's in Gage Center, in the back area.

And then onward to our usual afternoon or evening hangout, Blackbird Espresso Bar and Cafe in Fleming Place. Not pictured this time.

So, the next day I was just getting into the car for some errands, and a little tiny bit of yellow caught my eye in the back yard.

Aha! The first crocus! Whew, I thought maybe the crocus had croaked, but there they are. This one will soon be joined by some companions, looks like. I'm so happy to see it.

The wind had been high since early afternoon, and by the time I took that picture, there was a distinct nip in it, just to remind me that maybe Winter isn't quite done with us yet. But I have crocus and it can't have them back.

And tonight, just a bit of a gently lovely sunset, shot from my front porch through trees in our yard and in the park across the street. A nice end to a relaxing day where I didn't really go anywhere or do anything. Nice.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Proceeding to Spring

Signs of Spring continue to sprout, like this little squall of a thunderstorm yesterday evening.

First, the flag was snapping in the wind, and the sky streaming with clouds. The entire day had been mostly gray and drizzly.

After dark, the front came with lots of lightning and thunder, and hard cold rain. Thankfully, no hail here. It was over quickly and we were glad for the additional rain.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Days of Winter, Days of Spring

Since my last post we've had some of both.

These, on February 13.

Then the snow retreated.

On the 14th, everywhere the sun touched it, it was going or gone.

And then, and then! Yes, Green!

These little green sprouts in front under the maple tree, that have been abused and dug up more than once by pipeline work. They didn't get all of them though! Then there are others too.

A bug's-eye view of the daffodils springing up back by the deck. I am so, so happy to see these little green growing things! Even though the winter wasn't rugged, I miss the green stuff and I'm ready for it to come again.

Hurray for the Green!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No Full Moon, More Full Buds

Full Moon photography didn't happen yesterday evening due to 100% cloud cover and a promise of snow.

No snow, just clouds. But the little trees by the Blackbird (and many other locations in Topeka) are chock full o'buds.

It's Spring! In my books, anyway. Early, early Spring, but Spring. The trees said so.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Reflections in Gage Park

From yesterday, February 5th.

OK, that last one was not a reflection, just another view on a bright winter day.

Let's Moon Again

Always beautiful to me. The first one from February 2, the next from February 5. Full Moon coming soon!

The WREN Wren

Topeka is home to the world's biggest wren. Truly. This one, now at the corner of Huntoon and Topeka, has a history. There was a radio station in Topeka called WREN where this bird used to perch. But we have to back up a bit.

WREN started in Lawrence, and the original home of the concrete wren was at the transmitter in Tonganoxie. This was back in the 1920s, and the station was named for one of the products of the Bowersock Mills & Power Company of Lawrence. In 1947 the station was sold and moved to Topeka; in the early 1950s it was owned by Alf Landon and/or members of his family.

I'll leave you with this link for "the rest of the story," and post the pictures already.

You may notice, if you click through to the larger images, that there are many tiny little "spikes" all over the wren's back. These were apparently designed to keep pigeons off it, which they do, and I am also told they made it uncomfortable for kids to climb on it when it was stationed on the ground rather than atop a building.

I am pleased to report that it does not collect graffiti in its present location either. I like this little unique piece of Topeka's history.