Saturday, May 29, 2010

Topeka Farmers Market May 29

Wow, the market has exploded with booths since I was there on the opening day! I have too many pictures. Well, not really, but I should not post them all here. It's hard, but I've made a selection based partly on whether I posted similar pictures last time.

Country Greenhouse, Holton. I'm not sure if the gooseberries are from them or someone who just happened to be seated next to them, but I was delighted to see them. It gave me fantasies of gooseberry pie.

David's Herbs; I featured them last time but I still love these flats full of wonderful herbs.

Enrique Flores from Manhattan. Lots of rhubarb here.

I want this chair. Somebody needs to buy me this chair! In fact, I'd like two of them, please. By Eagle Patio Creations, W.E. "Bill" Meredith. Wow, would I love this chair.

Wildly bright twirly things in the sun! I didn't get the vendor's name. Oooh, pretties!

Last asparagus! The sign that Spring is changing to Summer.

All the pottery above (and more) by Stoneware Pottery, Steve Ashley. Yes, I put a lot of it here. It was fun.

I had a breakfast burrito break at a nice table in the shade. It was pretty good.

Carletha Kosky of The Crow's Nest calls these personable creations "Garden Charms." I think I'll be visiting her booth again this summer.

Music at the Market! Check it out. Every Saturday between 9 and 11. Today's performers, Paul Root and Penny St. John.

Lovely glass creations from Ebb & Flow Arts. I've posted pics of their things last year. Still beautiful!

That's all for now, whew. I had to abandon ship about 11 a.m. as it was getting plenty hot. I'm looking forward to being able to go next Saturday as well.

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