Friday, June 24, 2011

So much June going on

I'm getting behind on everything except going to work.

OK, the weather. It was interesting again a while back. We had one evening of a squall line slowly moving in and starting some ruckus just as I was supposed to going to sleep.

This same storm system brought some tornadoes to Nebraska, but I didn't hear about any major damage.

I have some Sungold tomatoes, but they want to ripen one at a time, which isn't very conducive to gathering in a salad's worth of them, so I guess I need more plants. But see,

I ate this one already, plucked one more today and am waiting on the other three that are almost there. Go, Sungold, go!

In other news, the Monarda is blooming, and now I know that it's Monarda fistulosa. This is the result of the tiny little plants I was given on my visit to the Akin Prairie in Douglas County last year. First picture, the head almost open the other day.

Then yesterday, here we are!

So happy to be out in the sun.

Merry Midsummer Mondarda!

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