Saturday, August 6, 2011


We have a new family member at our house. Her name is Cricket, and she's about nine weeks old now. Kathy lost her chihuahua Abuelita in June, and found Cricket who was home-raised by a woman in Clifton. This is the tiniest dog I have ever seen. So, here's Cricket, in her first close-up.

Doesn't that face just make you smile?

With other sister B's feet. I debated posting this one because she's blurry. Of course she's blurry, she's always in motion even when she looks like she's standing still.

Hi, Mom, what's up?

Oooh, a garden! Maybe I can eat this.

Cricket met her cousin Ursula today. Ursula is the big black doggie of sister B. in Lawrence. Ursula is a very good doggie.

Grrrass! It's tough, like me!

Are you still my friend?

Oh, too much excitement, must have a nap now.

Life is interesting with a little dog you can barely see running around under your feet. And crying when her mom goes to another room. She's delightful, though.

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