Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Everything In Between

So, everything else from the first half of August. I want to say that on August 2 in my back yard I saw a monarch butterfly floating serenely on the breeze. I took a deep breath, and felt the wheel turn. The season is definitely in change now, and I am so thankful. We've had not only cool nights but some really cool days, and though there will probably be a hot day or two (like today) I know that the back of the heat has been broken and we are enroute to my favorite season of them all.
Leaf-cutter bee.
Monarda seed heads. She's always beautiful.
No rain for us. Just clouds.
Hybrid flock. The mallards on the ponds at 6th & Gage have made friends with some yellow-billed white ducks.
I did.
Mighty clouds the evening of August 8. Still no rain for us.
12-Spotted Skimmer, perched on the radio antenna of my car.
More great clouds, but still no rain.
Western Ironweed, in the native plant area near the Discovery Center in Gage Park.
So finally, and unexpectedly, a tiny bit of rain fell on Ms. Monarda the late night and morning of August 14. And the day was another wonderfully cool one. Love to the coming dark and cool!

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