Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why so Long?

Between posts, that is. I dilly, I dally. I am a born procrastinator. And then there is Facebook. Where I am not limited to talking to myself. So, sure, there are some pictures.
Gage Park is always a cool oasis. There are all these little places to glimpse. This one on July 27. And then, horror!
A monster ate about a quarter of my Sungold tomato plant before I caught and evicted him. 'Tis the tobacco hornworm, cousin of the tomato hornworm, but apparently there were not enough tobacco plants around to eat. They are the larva of one of the Sphinx moths, which I had just remarked seeing a few days ago. Who knew it had left its dreadful offspring on my produce production?
But the Moon was great. For several nights in a row. I'll switch to a different post now.

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